• Introduction: commitment to privacy; document applies to controlled personal data; consent to use of cookies; website privacy controls; data controller name.
    • Credit: SEQ Legal credit; free documents licensing warning.
    • How we use your personal data: introduction to categories, purposes and legal bases of processing; processing of usage data; processing of account data; processing of publication data; processing of enquiry data; processing of transaction data; processing of notification data; processing of other data; processing for legal claims; processing for risk management; general purposes of processing personal data; disclosure of third party personal data.
    • Providing your personal data to others: disclosure of personal data to insurers etc.; disclosures of personal data to hosting services providers; disclosures of personal data to subcontractors; disclosure of personal data necessary for legal compliance etc.
    • International transfers of your personal data: introduction to international personal data transfers; international transfers to hosting services provider; international transfers to subcontractors; publication of personal data on internet.
    • Retaining and deleting personal data: data retention introduction; personal data retention default rule; personal data retention specific rules; personal data deletion exception.
    • Your rights: introduction to data subject rights list; list of data subject rights; learn more about data subject rights; exercise of data subject rights.
    • About cookies: what are cookies?; persistent and session cookies; cookies and personal data.
    • Cookies that we use: purposes for which cookies are used.
    • Cookies used by our service providers: use of cookies by services providers; Google Analytics cookies; service provider cookies (generic).
    • Managing cookies: how to manage cookies; negative impact of blocking cookies; effects on website use of blocking cookies.
    • Amendments: amendment by publication; check for changes to policy; notification of changes to policy.
    • Our details and Data protection officer contact details:
      49A Woolwich Road
      Bexleyheath Kent DA7 4HT