Keeping Hyper Care’s Standard

Our Quality Assurance process

Customer Telephone Surveys

Conducted on a quarterly basis by the office staff and involves clients being contacted to comment on their service and carer performance.

Service Monitoring Visits

These visits are carried out at the start of a new service and annually by the Homecare Supervisors and include a Health and Safety and Risk Assessment.

Carers Supervision

New carers are supervised whilst carrying out their tasks for the first time and at random on an on-going basis thereafter.  During these sessions the homecare supervisor provides advice and support to the carer and additional training needs are addressed.

Spot Checks:

These are random visits which we carry out to monitor the carer’s performance and attitude towards their work. We monitor issues like timekeeping, attitude whilst working, etc. We would appreciate if you work with us in achieving the best standard of service for by letting us attend unannounced at scheduled times of your due visits.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Once you have chosen us to provide your care, you will be asked to complete this form at the onset of the service, giving you an opportunity to tell us what you think about the service and whether we need to improve or change the way your care is provided.  We will ask you to complete this form annually or when we have made a change to your care service.

Daily Report Forms

There are kept in the Client’s home and completed by the carer at each visit.  It is used to record carer’s arrival and finish time, concerns about the client or service and the task performed during the visit.

Weekly Report Forms

Used by the carers to provide office staff with an update about the service condition or circumstance of the client.


Conducted every six months to assess the carers work progress, abilities, identify future goals, and to agree on a training development program to improve skills.

 Quality Assurance

We believe that by setting and maintaining high standards of quality, efficiency, and administrative excellence, particularly in the area of staff training and recruitment, Hyper Care Limited will be in an optimum position to provide a level of care that exceeds the National Standards and those set by CQC to deliver a service that is second to none.

We undertake a number of measures to make sure our services are as good as we say they are and to achieve a high standard of service delivery.

Our homecare supervisors visit all new clients at the start of the service.  During these visits, the supervisors are required to carry out a home assessment and confirm whether the services required by the clients actually meet their care needs.

Defining your care package

The supervisors also carry out the risk assessment of the clients dwelling, to ensure that the home is safe for the client and also for the carer to carry out the expected tasks.

Our supervisors also ensure that with the Hyper Care Limited Brochure, the client also has the following:

  • A welcome letter from Hyper Care Limited which includes the name of the carer selected to carry out the tasks.
  • A Service User Guide
  • A copy of the Care Plan
  • A daily report Form to be completed by the Care Worker at the end of each service.
  • A Medication Record for clients requiring medication supervision.
  • Complaints Procedure for clients
  • Health and Safety Policy which relates to Clients and Care Workers
  • A Customer Satisfaction Survey form for Client’s views and comments about the service they are receiving.

Our Care Co-ordinators ensures that care workers are given an individual Care Plan for each client which contains all the relevant information on the needs of the client.

Continual Improvement

Hyper Care Limited is committed to providing its carers with appropriate training courses, relevant to each individual need.  Hyper Care Limited will seek to work in partnership with its clients in providing opportunities for work-based practice.

In order to provide added support to staff, a representative of the management of Hyper Care Limited will meet with carers individually on an annual basis to discuss with them their training needs, to monitor their portfolio and to set up a training program that meets their developmental needs.

Key training areas which must be maintained by all healthcare staff are as follows:

  • Manual handling
  • Health and Safety
  • Basic Life Support
  • Infection Control
  • Food Hygiene
  • Risk Assessment
  • Medication
  • Fire Safety
  • Abuse

In addition to the above, all care and support workers are required to attend Hyper Care Limited In-House Induction program before starting work.

Our Pledge to you:

  • We will be available to you 24 hours a day every day of the year.
  • We will ensure our home-carers and support workers are carefully selected, CRB checked and receive ongoing training.
  • We will regularly check and monitor the service you are receiving to ensure the highest possible standard is provided.
  • We will ensure that our clients are able to make real choices and have control over their care plan.
  • We will make sure your views and opinions about the service you require are taken seriously.
  • We will ensure our office staff, home-carers, and support workers are courteous, respectful and professional to your needs at all times.
  • We will continuously aim to exceed the high standards of care and business practice set by the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

Supported Living Service

Please note that we also provide a supported living service with learning, physical and mental health disabilities which could include:

Escorting to

  • Places of Interest
  • Day Centre
  • Shopping Trips
  • Appointments

Meals Preparation